682 Auzerais Ave, San Jose, CA 95126  (669) 242-7118

Tire Change Workshop

Learn how to change your tires using the K&L Electric Tire Changer.

Students learn how to remove the wheels from their motorcycle, use the tire changer to replace their tires, and then balance and reinstall their wheels.

You may also bring the wheels off the motorcycle – sign up for the “Wheel off bike” option.

In this workshop you have a few options:

This workshop is required before you can use our Tire Changer.

All motorcycle and scooter models/makes/brands are welcome to this workshop.

Our tire prices are competitive!  Call us at (669) 242-7118 to order your tires so they are here for your workshop.

COST: Starts at $55
LENGTH: 1-4 hours

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