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Classes & Workshops

At Sarmi Moto we think that the best way to learn is hands-on and 90% of our classes are just that. You, working on your own motorcycle, with an instructor guiding the way.

We believe that the more knowledge you have about your motorcycle and the motorcycles around you the better off you will be.

Subjects range from basic to advanced and all steps in between. Each workshop is designed to teach you how to work on your own motorcycle, on a specific task, in a short session. We do not require previous motorcycle repair knowledge in any of our workshops.



Please Note: The Workshop and Class Dates can be modified if no one has yet signed up OR we can add one to meet your scheduling needs. Please email info@sarmimoto.com or call 669-242-7118 to request a new time and date. 

Click on the links below to read the details of each class and to Sign Up. There are no prerequisites to take a class or workshop. Sign up for any one you want in any order!

Intro to Motorcycle Maintenance Class

Tire Change Workshop

Oil Change Workshop

Chain and Sprockets Workshop

Minor Maintenance Workshop

Hydraulic Brake Workshop

Carburetor Class

Cancellation Policy

– MORE than 1 week before = Full refund or credit
– LESS than 1 week before = Credit for future
– NO SHOW = No refund or credit
– RAIN = Credit for future

Workshops are held rain or shine – if you’re not comfortable riding in the rain, let us know before the workshop starts to receive credit for a future date.